Monday, August 30, 2010

Mondays.......Need I say More??

Mondays are by far my least favorite day of the week. Trying to get myself and the rest of the family back into the weekly schedule is challenging to say the least. I told myself I was going to get the house nice and clean and really put a dent in my freelance work. Well neither of those goals got accomplished today. I started the morning off ready to clean and my Dyson decided it didn't want to vacuum. I'm not sure what is wrong it but I'm very annoyed seeing that I paid almost $500 for it. Needless to say I'm not impressed with my Dyson and I can not wait to find another vacuum. We are a family of five with two animals so I need a vacuum that has some real suction!!!!

I'm still working on getting my freelance work done.....I need a routine! I really need to just buckle down and stick to a schedule. Having a 18 month old daughter at home with me all day makes writing articles a little challenging.

On a good note I did come across a new work at home job lead. I found a company by the name of SameSpeak that looks very promising. Basically the company helps people learn the English language. The "students" receive audio books and after they study their audio books they log in to practice the words with a language coach (me). The only requirements for this job are being a U.S. Citizen, 16 years of age, a valid PayPal account, Skype (Free Version) and a headset. SameSpeak is a great job for teenagers, stay at home parents and anyone else looking to earn extra income.

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  1. Might be a little pricey mine was 1800 about five years ago. But look into rainbow vacuums. It's a water cannister and has an airfilter. I can vacuum carpet, switch to hardwood floor sweeper attachment, unhook the cannister from wheel support and click on the duster attachment. Even has carpet shampoo and tile cleaning attachments. I got a free car vacuum attachment from my rep. I financed it until I could pay it off. I love it. 3 dogs and a family with extreme allergies I can't live without it.